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About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe in a hand up, not a hand out. You know that old saying. Feed a man a Fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to Fish, you feed a man for life. We will be as transparent as possible. Meaning you, the Ambassadors of Humanity, will see where your money is going.

How You Can Help

Sending a Donation

Currently we are only able to communicate through email. Please bear with us as we raise the money for our .org website.

Become an Angel Donor today. Like what you see, help The Humanitarian Fund grow. No amount is too small.


What People Say


Current Causes

Our current funding causes:

10% back to the parent company

10% to Habitat for Humanity

10% to Grace Lutheran

1% here on out: Arts, Education, Medical, Military healing, Media/Newsprint, Detainees, Prison Reform, Medical Research, Project Housing Rebuilding, Scholarships, Drug education, Sex education, Alcohol education, Museums, Libraries, Adult education, Single parents, Disasters, Safe immunizations, Drs., Police, Fire departments, Food Pantries, Drug Rehab Houses, Homeless Restructuring Situations, Honest Lawyers, Low Income Families, Grants for schools, Habitual Offender Rehab, Farming, Animal Care, Mental Health, People Help, Poverty help, Teachers, Rebuilding/organizing schools, Private Schools, Radio, Books/Periodicals, Magazines, Hospitals, Schools [ supplies, land, food, clothing, transportation, teachers, water purification, gardens, playgrounds, Band, Art, Music and park shelters.], PTSD research, Suicide prevention, Halfway houses, Men’s and Women’s Business forward attire, companion pets for mental health and military, immigration classes, drivers ed, cars for vets, Rent grant, and Blind grant.

Our Mission: The Humanitarian Fund is to help humanity at the base roots where it is needed most.

The Humanitarian Fund will be transparent because all individuals, book owners or general public need to be aware of funds and where they are going. What funds come in and from where.

No group or person will be denied if they become a donor. However, they will not strong arm The Humanitarian Fund. It is for all races, ages, beliefs, backgrounds, etc. No one is excluded in rebuilding humanity.